Top 20 things to do in Dibrugarh

Things to do in Dibrugarh

Thinking about what to do in Dibrugarh?

I know if you are reading this post then you are new or want to explore Dibrugarh  

Dibrugarh is one of the best cities in Assam to explore. It is known as the tea city of India because most of the tea production in Assam is done in Dibrugarh not only that it is also famous for the oil and the natural reserve let’s find out things to do in Dibrugarh

What activities to expect in Dibrugarh

You can do most of the activities like camping, bird watching, trying local foods, and other activities you do at this location

In this post, we mentioned some of the top things to do in Dibrugarh and the nearby places which are mentioned below  

  • Relish the local Food
  • Explore tea Garden
  • Enjoy the view of Brahmaputra
  • Worship At Jagannath Mandir
  • Worship at Radha Krishna Mandir
  • Enjoy a Bike Ride in Bogibeel Bridge
  • Shop at Dibrugarh Main Bazar
  • Relex in Khanikar Park
  • Enjoy the Evening Walk in DTP Dyke
  • Bird Watching in Joyepur Rainforest
  • Explore Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Explore Namphake village
  • Explore Jokai Botanical Garden
  • Relax at Dibrugarh University Park
  • Explore Dinjoy Satra
  • Worship at Aai Thaan
  • Barbauah Maidan
  • Lekai Chetia Maidan
  • Explore raidongia dol
  • Explore Naharkatia

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Best Picnic Spots in Dibrugarh

Relish The Local Food: If you are a Foodie you must try out the local food in Assam which is very delicious like Masor Tenga, and Aalu Pitika, and don’t forget to try out the most popular sweet dishes of Assam Pitha, Narikol Pitha, also there are lots of other Traditional Assamese food you can also try

Explore the Tea Garden: Dibrugarh is known as the Tea City of India due to being the largest tea exporter in India. As three districts of Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, and Sivasagar produce 50% of the total tea production of Assam So, it is best to explore the Tea garden as well

Enjoy the view of Brahmaputra: Dibrugarh is Situated on the banks of the Brahmaputra river and the beauty of Brahmaputra will attract you as most tourists want to explore its surroundings which gives a peaceful experience

Worship At Jagannath Mandir: The next thing you can do is you can visit Jagannath Mandir for Worship which is situated at Chiring Goan one of the must-visit destinations where you will experience peace as this temple is a replica of Jagannath Temple of Orisa

Location: Chiring Goan

Timing: 6 Am to 12 Pm & 2 PM to 6 PM

Entry Fee: No Fee

Worship At Radha Krishna Mandir: Radha Krishan is Yet Another Temple located near AMC in Plaltan Bazar in Dibrugarh you can visit with your family and take the blessing of Lord Sri Krishna the environment is green and peaceful also there is a park outside of the temple which is again Well Maintained

Location: Near Assam Medical College

Entry Fee: No Fees

Enjoy a Bike Ride on Bogibeel Bridge: Bogibeel Bridge connects Demaji and Arunachal Pradesh is a rail cum road and one of the longest bridges you will find most of you will get the experience of its surrounding and taking a bike ride will fun for sure

Shop in Dibrugarh Main Bazar: The next, thing you can do is shop at the local shops especially the main bazaar where you find most of the shops and well-known malls where you can shop for most of your day-to-day things

Enjoy Evening Walk in DTP Dyke: After getting lost in things I know you are getting tired or bored then you should go to the DTP dyke for your evening walk as most of us not only take the evening walk but also do our morning walk as well and this one the best to hang around with your friends and love once

Entry Fee: No fee

Bird Watching in Joyepur Rainforest: Joyepur Rainforest is one of the places that you won’t miss out and the reason is obvious if you are a wildlife lover you will love this place’s vast types of animals and plants you will find this area and the only place best for bird watching & camping

Explore Dehing Patakai Wildlife Sanctuary: Dehing Pataki Wildlife Sanctuary is also one of the amazing places you need to add to your list also known as the 7th National Park of Assam situated in Dibrugarh & Tinsukia different types of species and animals found in this area like birds, elephants best to experience bird watching

Entry Fee: No Entry Fee except for professional videography & Photography

Relax at Namphke Village: Nampke Village is yet another tourist destination that is also located in Dibrugarh you can explore the best for relaxing and meditation

Location: Naharkatia

Explore Jokai Botanical Garden: Jokai Botanical Garden is located in Dibrugarh surrounded by natural beauty and is best to explore with your friends and family

Location: Mancotta, Khamtighat Road

Entry Fee: No Fee

Relax at Dibrugarh University Park: Next, You can also visit one of the famous Park known as Dibrugarh University Park this place is best for hanging around with friends and family to relax inside the park most of the facilities are available

Location: Rajabheta

Entry Fee: 40 Rs

Explore Raidonga Dal: Raidonga Daul is one of the monuments you will find at Kalakhowa where you explore this area

Explore Naharkatia: The last thing you can do is explore Naharkatia which came Make sure it’s on your list as this place is famous for its petroleum and gas reserve not only that for most tourists tea Gardens are the first attraction of this place

How to Reach to Dibrugarh

it’s your first trip to Dibrugarh?

If yes then it is obvious that you are confused about which medium to reach Dibrugarh the best part is that connected well so you have various options to reach Dibrugarh

Following are the ways to reach Dibrugarh

By Road: if trying to reach out by road then the options are private cabs and buses as there are several buses you find available especially if you are within Assam or Arunachal Pradesh bus will be the best option for you or

By Train: you can also consider the Trains which connect to most cities like New Delhi, Kolkata, and other popular cities you find there are two railway stations but one is currently unavailable so the nearest railway station is in Banipur so you can easily reach to Dibrugarh

By Flights: The next thing you can also do is take flights to reach Dibrugarh again it’s connected to most of the cities and the available Airport you will find in Dibrugarh is Mohanbari Airport

Best Place to Stay in Dibrugarh

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What is Dibrugarh Famous For? 

Dibrugarh is one of the best places in the northeastern estate of Assam which is also known as the tea city as it is the center of the tea industry in Assam 

What are the most Tourist Places in Dibrugarh?

There are many places to visit in Dibrugarh but most of the time the first attractions are the tea garden and Brahmaputra river

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