Best 15 Places to Visit in Dibrugarh 2024

Best Places to Visit in Dibrugarh

Are you visiting Dibrugarh for the first time?

If yes then don’t worry 

This post covers the best places you can visit in Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh is one of the largest cities after Guwahati, Assam situated on the banks of the Brahmaputra river It is also known as the tea city of India when it comes to the first attraction for any tourist then the tea garden and Brahmaputra river visited by most of people

However, there are lots of places that you can visit by yourself or with your family which gives you a great experience no matter your trip to Dibrugarh is for a day or two-day trip you must visit some of the places that you will find below   

Where is Dibrugarh Located

it’s located in the upper Assam Banks of the Brahmaputra River and is known as the tea city of India due to being the gateway of three districts Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, and Sivasagar tea producing state also for its oil, natural reserves, and historical monuments

How to Reach These Places

When it comes to reaching these places when you are in Dibrugarh usually use autos or any private cars also if you have your bike you can easily locate these places

Accommodation options

If trying to find the best location in Dibrugarh for budget accommodation make sure to choose a location where most facilities are available so you can choose Hotel Devika for a comfortable stay in Dibrugarh

Here are some of the best places you can visit in Dibrugarh

  • Jagannath Mandir
  • Khanikar Park
  • Dibru Saikhowa National Park
  • Radha Krishna Mandir
  • University Park
  • Maijan Lake
  • DTP Dyke
  • Bogibeel Bridge
  • Blossom Exostica
  • Jokai Botenel Garden
  • Raidongia Doul
  • Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Joyepur Rainforest
  • Namphake village
  • Naharkatia

Jagannath Mandir: Jagannath Mandir is a replica of Jaganmath Mandir in Orissa it’s situated in Mahatma Gandhi Park at Khanikar the architecture of this temple is beautiful there is a total 6 temples present where the main temple is for the Lord Jagannath and rest other temples of Shiva, Hanuman, Lakhmi, Nav Gharh

Entry Fees: No Entry Fee

Jagannath Temple Dibrugarh

Khanikar Park: Khanikar Park is one of the beautiful places to spend time with friends and Family. It is located at Chirig Goan is very near to the Lord Jagannath Temple most of the facilities are available inside the park like food and toiletries and a well-maintained Park

Dibru Saikhowa National Park: Dibru Saikhowa National Park is for nature lovers located on the banks of the Brahmaputra river the best time to visit this place is during the winter as you can see migratory birds also best for photography purposes you can spend time here with your love once

Radha Krishna Mandir: Radha Krishna Mandir is located near the AMC (Assam Medical College) one of the best places in Dibrugarh for the worship of Lord Shri Krishna Hanuman, Shiv Ganesh & Shaki Dani temple is also Present most of the facilities are available like drinking water 

Entry Fees: No Entry Fees

Radha Krishna Mandir Dibrugarh

there is a small park which is also well maintained where you can spend your time 

University Park: University Pak is yet another park which is situated in Dibrugarh which is again the best place you can hang out with your friends or your family this park is well-maintained and most of the facilities are available in the park

Entry Fees: 40 Rs

Maijan Lake: Maijan Lake is also one of the great places in Dibrugarh where you can explore the natural beauty you can explore on this area and capture great photos 

DTP Dyke: The Best thing about the DTP Dyke is that located near the Hotel Devika and this is the best place to view the amazing sunrise and sunset over the Brahmaputra River of the sun so again this best is the place for your morning and evening walk

DTP Dyke Dibrugarh

Bogibeel Bridge: Bogibeel Bridge is a long rail-cum road that plays an important role in connecting Dibrugarh to Silapthar also Arunachal Pradesh this place you can explore more this again a great place for your travel

Blossom Exotica: Blossom Exotica is also one of the great parks you can explore the best part of Blossom Exotica is that you can relax and enjoy this place not only decorated well but also maintained with most of the facilities you find inside the park

Entry Fees: 30 Rs

Blossom Exotica

Jokai Botenel Garden: This is yet Another place where you can hang around and spend your time it is surrounded by nature one of the eco-friendly biodiversity forest areas with natural views so you can visit with your friends and family to explore

Raidongia Doul: Raidongia Doul is one of the historical monuments situated at Larua Mouza in Kalakhowa Ahom King Parmatta Singha built this and the height of this temple is approx 45 feet you will find 14 statues out of 24 so if you missed out on this place then you should once visit with your friends and family

Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary: Next, the place is amazing if you are a wildlife lover as this is the seventh largest national park of Assam where you can explore various plants and bird species as this is located partly in Dibrugarh and Tinsukia so again this is a place worth to explore

Joyepur Rainforest: Joyepur Rainforest is again for wildlife lovers as this is known for its biodiversity of various species of flora and fauna so don’t miss out on this place while planning for travel you can do lots of things here like bird watching

Namphake Village: Namphake Village is located at Dibrugarh one of the largest monasteries in upper Assam this is the must place for meditation and relaxing as one of the largest festivals is celebrated here Poi-Ni-Chi Festival which usually happens in March so again don’t miss out this place make sure its also on your list to explore

Naharktia: Naharktia is located in Dibrugarh one of the places where tourist explores due to its petroleum, and gas reserves also find tea gardens that are worth exploring with your friends and family

So these are some of the best places you can visit while traveling

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On Which River it’s Situated?

Situated on the banks of the Brahmaputra River 

What is the Best Place to visit in Dibrugarh?

There are lots of places you can visit in Dibrugarh but most recommended you must explore the tea garden and also the the rail cum road bridge Bogeebel bridge

Why Dibrugarh is Famous For?

Dibrugarh is mostly famous for Tea but also the oil and natural reserve 

What is the Best Time to visit in Dibrugarh?

When it comes to the best time to visit Dibrugarh if you are looking a pleasant weather recommend October to March as the weather is quite good 

Language is Spoken in Dibrugarh?

Assamese is spoken in Dibrugarh as its the official language of Assam

Is Dibrugarh worth visiting?

Dibrugarh is worth visiting as you get to chance to experience the natural beauty of the river and also the historical significance

How to Reach Dibrugarh?

You can easily reach Dibrugarh By Air, Train or Road if you want to reach by air then the nearest airport you will is the Mohnabari Airport also there are two railway stations which connect most of the major cities where you can reach out to Dibrugarh by Road as well

Where to Stay in Dibrugarh?

There are lots of places you can stay as it depends upon you but if you are looking for a budget accommodation option you should look out for Hotel Devika

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