Top 10 Safety Tips for Hotel Stay in Dibrugarh

Hotel Safety Tips

Are you aware of some of the hotel safety tips? 

In most cases, we don’t even know 

When you are planning for your trip, especially in Dibrugarh we don’t even care about safety in the first place which is essential to keep in mind as you should be aware of the following before you book while in check-in, or check-out to any hotel

Here are some of the tips you need to keep in mind 

  • Research About the Hotel
  • Take copies of important documents 
  • Check Hotel & Rooms
  • Choose rooms as per your need
  • Take Care of your Luggage
  • Lock Rooms When you Inside 
  • Don’t Hesitate to Ask for a Hotel to Help
  • Inform the Hotel if you lose the keys
  • Stay Away from Strangers 
  • Dubble Check When Leaving the Hotel    

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Research About The Hotel: Before you even try to book any hotel your priority is to check the hotel’s reputation, reviews, & ratings first which give a clear picture of the hotel As Hotel Devika is one of the well-known top-rated hotels in Dibrugarh provides value for money accommodation to its guest with luxury

Take Copies of Important Documents: After You properly Research the hotel and decide to book you must carry copies of some important documents from both the front and back sides also you can carry a photo that requires most of the time when you check in to the hotel

Take Care of Your Luggage: Next, When you are about to reach the destination in Dibrugarh by Air or train, usually, it does not happen that someone steals your luggage but you must take off your luggage until it comes to the hotel lobby area for the safety of your Luggage 

Check Hotel & Rooms: if you just reached the hotel ask for the rooms in the reception and try to check the rooms first which gives you a clear idea of how Rooms are maintained e.g Doors are working properly also check the balcony, windows, bathrooms you can also check CCTV in hotel installed or not 

Choose Rooms As Per Your Need: After Checking Rooms and everything looks fine then Decide which room is perfect for you Hotel Devika offers the options to choose from its 40 equipped rooms from Premium, Delux, Executive, and Superior that look stunning 

Lock Rooms When You Inside: We usually don’t lock the rooms which is not recommended unless for cleaning and the room services. If you are in the rooms try to lock their room especially if you are taking a rest at night also keep your eyes on the balcony and the windows as well 

Don’t Hesitate to Ask the Hotel for Help: You Always ask the Hotel for help in most to get information related to the local area, taxi, bus, Visiting Places in Dibrugarh, and room services that the hotel offers 

Stay Away from the Strangers: You need to stay away from the person you don’t and not invite them into your room you must inform your friends and family about the location in which you expect the room services and room cleaning

Inform the Hotel if you Lost your Keys: This usually does not happen but who knows that bad luck in some cases most of you lose the keys and are worried about what to do next the only thing you can do is inform the hotel also sometimes we forget and leave hotel giving keys at reception 

Dubble Check When Leaving the Hotel: When you are about to check out from the hotel it’s your responsibility to check whatever things you carried are in your bag most of the time guests forget their phones, laptops, wallets, ID cards, so double check while leaving the hotel

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Warping up

We don’t usually care about safety while booking a hotel So these are some of the safety tips you always keep in mind before you book a hotel for your comfortable stay in Dibrugarh

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