Review by Yohan

was travelling with my kid to dibrugarh for the first time…..n wasn’t sure if the accommodation will suit me well.. keeping in mind the child’s requirements….. but to my surprise the stay was so smooth as the service i received was more than what i expected…..nice ambiance,safe ,in town location, clean rooms n bathrooms,hygienic n yummy food………..what else….homely experience. View Yohan profile on Tripadvisor here.

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Review by Amit Jain

I have been travelling to dibrugarh many times in a year and i use to stay always in this hotel. The rooms are very clean.The front desk is always ready to help. The rooms are small in size particularly the deluxe room.But it value for money. Moreover there is a good Veg restaurant near by.I will highly recommend this hotel. The only issue is that we have to ask the bell for the hot water as they don’t have gyser in all rooms.

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Review by Sunil Tiwari

It is a comfortable place to stay in dibrugarh.The rooms are clean.They were small in size particulary the deluxe room but it value for money.Service was very nice and staff was very helpful and friendly.Food was hygenic and yummy.The room had hot water and Tv.Homely experience

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